What Gives You Power?

• How does clothing and material culture affect your self-image?

• How is your public persona, as perceived by others, different than your own self-image?

• How does the clothing you wear effect other people’s perceptions of your gender,race, and class?

• Do you think fashion and popular culture determine social norms?

• Do your choices in clothing usually project power? Why or why not?
POWER SUIT addresses these questions by inviting people from a variety of backgrounds to share their personal stories. The project demonstrates how our choices in clothing are connected to our sense of agency and our place in the world.


Toxic Tour

east baltimore community activist, Glenn Ross, has worked for over 20 years to serve the community that reared him.  his next feat is to inform residents of the numerous toxic environments strategically place in certain neighborhoods. stay tuned for a trailer regarding the efforts of Mr. Ross coming this may. for more information click the photo above.